Sunday, 28 November 2010

our garden overhaul...

Last weekend we found ourselves some seedlings at the market. We spent the week umming & aahhing about where to put them... ok, so we may have just not thought about them at all.
After our huge & I mean HUGE weeding session (think waist high here), we decided to put them in a bed near the kitchen.
We squared it up, added a brick edging & then wrapped chicken wire around it to fend off naughty dogs & chooks. I planted potatoes, peas, a mix of beans, cucumber, lettuce, zuchinni, tomatoes & herbs.
Samuel even made me a little gate.
I planted out a row of sunflowers, fending off the chooks as they tried to scratch them out.
As the sun started to set, we decided to fence off that section of the yard. Soon we'll dig up the remaining lawn & plant some more. The gate will be moved to where the path is & we may even make a prettier fence with some ancient palings we have lying around.
Our established plants are thriving with all this rain of late. The rhubarb & mint have tripled in size, the passion fruit vines are starting to take & it looks like our tomatoes are starting to fruit.
Hooray for lovely gardening weather.


fairchildstreet said...

Fantastic. Charmaine

Andi said...

Your backyard is going to be one fabulous salad!!!

Anonymous said...

Kitty, your home looks like a paradise! Love the chookies in the background of the first photo. Look forward to seeing everything grow! :)

Cheers, Celia