Thursday, 25 November 2010

my creative space...

It feels like a bit of a whirlwind is happening at the moment. It's almost december, I'm mama to a 7 month old, trying to get organised for our trip to queensland, desperately trying to organise house/dog/poultry/alpaca/garden sitter for whilst we're away... the list goes on.
Amongst all this I'm crafting away, trying to get through my list of "to do's". At least I can tick shorts for Huckle off the list. The blue stripey pair were fashioned from an old men's shirt & the linen pair came from the stash. I think I'll be whipping a few more pairs up, as they were so easy & perfect for summer. Maybe I'll use some bright prints next time. Something garish to embarrass the poor boy when he's older. Ha, just kidding Huckle.
I'm playing around with these little felt rocks as well. They've flown all the way from Lithuania into my hot little hands. Customs felt the need to investigate them, suspicious little felty rocks. Hmmm. You can find your own here, if you too would like some.
I've been toying around with some old style kids clothes. Trying to get my head around how I would construct them. I think this is a project for the new year.
I'm also working on some Nest & Bindle products, however little obstacles keep popping up. My printer is playing 'silly buggers' & I'm still waiting for supplies to arrive to finish off a few pieces. But, I am a patient woman (ahem) & I am speaking the mantra "good things come to those who wait". They do don't they? Tell me it's true.
I haven't forgotten that I'm making stuff (which is surprising really, because that's what usually happens), I'm not holding out on you either. Promise.

Tropical Gippsland was in fine form today. Lovely muggy weather, with the gentle pitter patter of rain throughout the day. We spent the good part of it in a cloud. These pictures were taken just before midday. It looks quite magical, don't you think?
Well, that's all I know for today. Cheerio.
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felix and lily said...

Your little boy is so, so cute :) Cheeky smile!
Hope you manage to find sitters for everything a-ok :)

- Krystal xo

suze2000 said...

Oh that's lovely. It rained a lot here in Melb today as well.

celia said...

Gorgeous post, thanks for sharing Kitty!

Maxabella said...

Those views are dreamy and so is that little boy face. Luckiness!! x