Monday, 15 November 2010

on balance, roses & crafting...

I'm learning alot about balance at the moment. Balance between being a mama, a wifey, a maker, a cleaner, a cook... the list goes on. It's only new to me & I'm learning what has been learnt by women since forever (a very technical & well researched term). I don't have huge expectations on what I should be getting done, but I do have some things that I'd like to happen. Even if they happen oh so very slowly. There's always tomorrow.
Amongst all of this, I try to find time for me. Time to just have a peaceful cuppa, a long hot shower or a read of a magazine. Today I took 20 minutes to stroll about the garden in the fine misty rain. The roses are starting to bloom, so I picked the first posy of the season. The colours are so vibrant, they make my heart sing. I never used to like roses, somewhere along the line something changed & now I have quite the soft spot for them.
There's been some crafty action happening too. Huckle has two cute bib kerchiefs to add to his wardrobe along with two pairs of shorts. Yep, I made shorts! They were so easy, I didn't know what I was so scared about. They are yet to have elastic (befuddled mama brain can't for the life of me remember where I put it, must go buy some more), so I'll show them when they're all finished. Two sleepy bye bears are waiting to be pieced together, along with a few more ready to be cut. I'd be printing a heap of cards too, if my printer decided to work. I've been encouraged by a dear friend to design some cards & now I'm giving it a go. Hopefully soon they'll be printed & ready for the shop.
It's slowly coming together, perhaps a bit slower than desired. Every step forward is still a step forward I guess. I've told the universe this is what I'm doing & I know it will happen.
Well that was alot more words than I thought I had this evening. Now I am for sleeping. I hope you all have a great week.


Sue said...

It is always nice to have some mumma time when you have children. Your roses look beautiful and such a different array of colors!

Sandrine said...

Your pics is beautiful.Becoming a mum a wife a woman and keeping the balance must have been the hardest job for me, or should I say maybe I was unprepared :)Wishing you the best!

Christina said...

Balancing it all is hard indeed. When you get the balance, something else gets thrown into the mix. I have to remember to ask for help.

Cohen and Dave spent father and son time on the weekend so that I could spend some time sewing up your gorgeous sheeting fabric. Hope to have my picnic blanket finished soon!