Monday, 20 December 2010

forget your troubles, come on get happy...

Today was hard. Woken at 4:30 by an unhappy boy, a grizzly boy who is very busy growing teeth. Six teeth, to be precise. All in one hit. Ouch!
This mama is exhausted & having trouble putting a positive spin on things. Tired, freezing (clearly summer has abandoned us), itchy (yep, cold = hives in kitty land), frazzled (so many things to do before sunday's flight) & just generally whingy. I'm sure you get the gist. So before I drown you all in my misery, I'll forget my troubles & get me some happy.

Today I stepped out of the madness & picked up the camera for the first time in a week. I was on a mission to make my glass half full. After encouragement from the lovely Kate, I set out to make my happy list.This gorgeous little man makes me happy.

Cherries from our tree, picked by my one & only. He makes me happy.

My new "oh my, I can fit everything in it plus the kitchen sink (and the all the dishes piled in it)!" bag. A replacement birthday gift after the departure of the hairy turnips. So very spoilt, I'll treasure it forever & ever.

This basket full of delicious bendigo cotton, waiting to be crocheted into something sweet. Bought during the sale... bonus happy.

Gifts wrapped & ready for gifting. These are the only two ready, but an achievement none the less. No paper this year, fabric bags are the new paper in our house. I even sewed them with french seams. So very chic. To think I've only just discovered the french seam... now everything is getting the french seaming treatment. And yes, the donkey does have a sign around his neck that says 'smart ass'. Too cheeky? Perhaps.

Aah, the clouds have parted & once again I can see the sunshine. I'm off to catch some zzzz's & dream of sleep-ins & summer days. Thanks for reading the whinge & ramble. Congratulations for getting to the bottom.


Andi said...

That's a nice collection of happy!!!

Miss Milla's said...

Great to see all the simple things in life are what make you happy.
And french seams - I only just discovered them too!! Where have they been all our lives. My textiles teacher at high school has a lot to answer for!

Kate said...

Grey skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy least that's what I've been singing to myself over here on the other side of Victoria. That is one gorgeous, gorgeous list Ms Kitty! Bet it even cheered up the sleep deprived mama. XX

Megan said...

lovely happy list!

i hope the teeth come through before christmas and that your holiday is simply wonderful and full of sunshine... merry christmas x

Anonymous said...

That is a happy lot of happy.
I love your fabric gift bags. Smart Ass and all :-) I crocheted some 'ribbon' for a present today, that made me happy.
Have a wonderful trip away.

Celia said...

Merry Christmas, Kitty! You have a wonderful eye for happy! :)