Tuesday, 7 December 2010

here & there...

A little bit of crafting is happening here & there, during naps (not mine) & between other duties. The camera hasn't ventured out much this past week, so I haven't prepared full documentation.
Samuel has made 40 litres of home brew & had requested some special labels to be made up. I do like doing graphics for him. He comes to me with a sketch & I build it in photoshop, constantly going back to him with drafts. It's like having a client. This one's in honor of our mate Jim who helps to engineer race car engines, he also has a deep affection for beer. Luckily, he doesn't mix the two together.
I cheated & used a vector image for the pistons, no time for drawing car parts right now. I'm a very busy lady.
I've also been through my bookcloth samples, matching colours & choosing textures. A spot of bookbinding is on the horizon, I better dust off all my tools. I'm excited to be designing some albums & books again. Working with paper is quite soothing for me. Don't get me wrong, I love fabric, but paper was my first love.
For some reason I just likened that idea to owning dogs... no dog will ever live up to the greatness of my first dog. The memories of childhood, with a big black dog as my shadow are bittersweet. He was a good dog, old Bong.
Can you see how that came about, or am I just a mad woman rambling? You can say the latter, it's most likely true.
I'm off now to sneak in a few moments in the studio. I'm feeling productive.

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teddybearswednesday said...

I think you design is super.
ANd Kitty Bong, is the best name for a dog ever.
No wonder he was soo great xo