Tuesday, 1 March 2011

hello autumn...

Autumn is officially here, it feels like it has been autumn all summer (it's even felt like winter, ugh). I must say that this is my favourite time of year in victoria. There's obvious change happening all around us, hints of winter are sneaking in & if it were a normal year... the temperature would be just lovely. Camelias are budding, leaves are browning, chestnuts are ripening & the days are starting to shorten.
This weeks weather is turning into milo by the fire weather. It's so blustery & wet, all I want is to sit fireside under a blanket with a spot of crochet. Aaaah, bliss.
I've been mucking about with the camera on manual setting, trying new things & vaguely rembering all that was learnt many moons ago. I had a bit of fun in the garden yesterday, here are some shots. I like their fuzziness & grainy texture, almost looks like they've been painted.

I'm off to rustle up some energy to cook dinner... it's been a long day in Huckle land & mama is ka-put. It may very well be eggs on toast. Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?

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Sonia said...

These photographs are gorgeous. I'm jealous that you've had some kind of training with the camera. We have an SLR of some sort and it's been on Auto since we bought it. I attempted to play around with the manual setting and honestly it was a disaster.
I usually love this time of year. Like you said, early Autumn is just perfect. But with the nutty 'summer' we had, I'm still a little all over the shop. I'll forget all about it when those leaves turn to multi colours.