Tuesday, 26 April 2011

a slight delay...

The 12 month photo has been delayed a little. Huckle is hands down refusing to sleep today & I've done everything but tape my hands to my feet in desperate measure to NOT PULL MY HAIR OUT!
Sorry for yelling.
I'm distracting myself with some scenes from my time in the garden this week. 
Starting our winter sowing (probably a little late), chopping firewood (yes, I chopped it... well this tiny amount anyway) & picking roses to pretty up the bathroom.
Hopefully I'll have some headspace freed up sometime soon, so I can write about all the magical things my lovely little Huckle is up to now that he is one.
I hope your day is lovely & sunny & that all your smalls are sleeping (if you have them of course).


cityhippyfarmgirl said...

Sleep little one....sleeeeeeep. May the good sleep fairy be back to sprinkle sleepy dust very soon.

pen said...

the roses seemed to have just kept on blooming this year
a perfect rose basket too!

Kate said...

Oh honey, sending you lots of love and quiet time.
Huge happy birthday to that gorgeous boy of yours.
One!!!!! Its amazing that the first time I ever clicked on your blog you were announcing your pregnancy.