Saturday, 18 June 2011

daily rhythm...

Wow, it's been 17 days since I last posted. I thought I'd be a bit sporadic, but no posts at all... sheesh.
There's been ups & downs these past few weeks. It's been hard to find a rhythm in the day to day & my to do list is a mile long. Hopefully things have settled down now & we can reset our rhythm. 
I thrive on a bit of structure. If I have a loose schedule, I know stuff will get done. It's a kick up the bum for me, to make sure I actually do stuff rather than sloth about in front of the fire all day.
Part of our routine that never wavers is the collecting of the egg each morning. Only one of our girls is laying & she likes to lay them in the garden. Huckle knows the drill... jacket - tick, gumboots - tick, beanie - tick, bucket - tick! After breakfast we venture out into the crisp (freezing) morning air.
First we spend a while navigating our way across the drive, stopping every two steps to collect gravel which he places in his bucket. Occasionally sharing with his mama & often having a taste himself.
Then it's off to find the egg. He walks through the undergrowth of the towering gums, crunching on leaves & stepping over branches & logs. Near the nest he scrambles on his hands & knees, down onto his tummy & reaches out for the warm egg. He scuttles out & finds his bucket, the egg goes in. Miraculously no egg has ever been broken... yet.
We make our way to the fence, he calls out to the ducks, "duck duck" he yells in his sure & cheeky voice. The ducks reply with gusto, their quacks ringing in our ears. He makes his way along the fence line, stopping every so often to gaze upon the ducks going about their business.
We stay out as long as mama can bear, for it's oh so chilly this time of day.
I'm going to try my hardest to set a new rhythm over the next few weeks. One that involves a little more mama time & maybe even Huckle will start taking naps, wishful thinking maybe.
Is there rhythm at your place? Is every day similar or are they all over the shop like mine? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Have a lovely weekend!


Andi said...

It does get easier as they get older.
Mine are both at school now so a definite routine at our place with plenty of mumma time.
He's looking so very grown up already!. Before you know it he'll be off chasing girls instead of chooks. Enjoy!!

Jaclyn said...

good to hear from you and can't believe how big huckle is getting, he is beautiful! here's hoping for nap time. x

Sonia said...

I envy the environment you can give your little one. It's wonderful.
I love routine. Sometimes I love it too much and forget that it's okay to let go a little. Routine definitely helps my kids get through the day (and me too!)

Jodie said...

I love that 'looking over the fence" shot - its perfect!

Squiggly Rainbow said...

Our rhythm has changed this last week with my teaching placement... even this year our rhythm has changed with my little one starting school. Next term we will start a new rhythm as we may start a little home-school, I will work one day a week and then go into the school a day a week. Oh - and Spring will come and then that rhythm will begin!
Rach x

pen said...

I can't believe how grown up Huckle looks!
I suppose they do that with lots of good homegrown food and fresh air!

celia said...

What a little forager in the making you have! Oooh, but all I can think about are how cold his cheeks and hands must be! :)