Saturday, 27 August 2011

mama inspiration...

I hope you're having a lovely weekend.
How magical is this sunset over Western Port Bay. Can you see the insects flying about?
Today was all about making happiness for Huckle. He was very upset & I think the teething, sore toe & a slight fever was all a bit much. Much of the day was spent grizzling or thrashing anything in sight... books, teddies, Mama. Crying after tripping over, when usually he'd get straight up & keep going.
I didn't handle it as gracefully as I would have liked, it's been a long week for me too. 
Tonight has been spent reading a few new to me blogs & I now feel inspired to do it all again tomorrow. I'm grateful for Mama's who blog & share their stories. It's like having a community of like minded spirits, right here in my home. 
So much of motherhood is instinct (& fumbling through until it works), but it's also about learning from each other. Taking what resonates with you & working it into your everyday. Over time it becomes part of your rhythm, part of you & hopefully you will inspire another Mama.
I'm off to rest my weary head & restore my energy for whatever tomorrow shall bring. 

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Junaluska said...

Wow, the sky is so yellow. If you hadn't said anything, I would have thought that the bugs were birds!