Thursday, 25 August 2011

my creative space...

It's been one of those weeks. To sum it up... 
Tuesday - an hour & a half at the doctors, ingrown toenail (poor little guy), immunisations, out of sorts grizzly Huckle, who also has 4 teeth coming through, dogs barking incessantly at sheep through the night, very little sleep.
Wednesday - Samuels eye playing up again, swollen, blurred & double vision, more doctors, drive hour & a half uptown at short notice, hospital, specialists, treatment, grizzly Huckle very unimpressed with being stuck in the car or doctors office for 2 days in a row. 
Thursday - I am one very exhausted Mama & Wifey, doing my best to keep calm & look after my boys. 
Sometimes though, I would very much like to scream & pull my hair out & ask the universe to give us a break already! I'm pretty certain we've had our fair share of "character building" these past few years thank you very much. 
There's a month of treatment ahead of us which hopefully works it's magic for the second time. Then in early october, my collar bone gets plated back together & then we have six fun weeks of recovery. Aren't we a barrel of fun!
Today was all about doing nothing. We went about our day not expecting much, but a bit of rest. I meditated by scrubbing my pots into glorious wonders (hello salt & bicarb!), a doona cover morphed into little mattress cover, two apple & date loaves were baked & scarecrow pie was eaten for tea. 
You can imagine how pleased I am to see that I actually did get something done today. It feels a tremendous achievement. 
There's been some messing around with watercolours of late & I've drawn a favourite truck for the umpteenth time. There's much more practice needed, as I'm a little clumsy with the brush. Oh well, you have to start somewhere don't you. I'm liking the look & can't wait to paint some more old trucks. This one has been gifted to Samuel, to sit upon his desk.
Check out some more (non whingy) crafting happening here


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a REALLY stressful week! Hope it gets better, all the treatments work, the teeth come through a.s.a.p. and leave little Huckle alone, and the universe spares you more character building during the next few years...

Nice truck painting!


celia said...

Sometimes, when life is overwhelming, it's amazing how much joy can be found in actually making - creating - something with your hands. I hope things settle again soon, and I'm glad you've had some time to rest. All the best.. xx