Tuesday, 13 September 2011

gathering my thoughts...

The past few days have been crazy hectic, trying to catch my tail before I run off to Queensland. I have lists coming out of my ears to try & tame the chaos. Here's the inventory
:: packing list ::
:: S & K to do list ::
:: freezer meals to make list (so the husband doesn't just eat pizza & pasta for 10 days) ::
:: people I need to call/email list ::
:: shopping list ::
:: things to sew list (this one has been thrown out the window... who am I kidding?!) ::
:: a cleaning list (again, who am I kidding?!) ::
:: clothes to wash list ::
Some may call me highly organised, others may decide the term is neurotic. I don't mind either way. The lists really may not even be helping, but at least I have a piece of paper where I have gathered my thoughts so when I really do go off the rails I'll still know how many pairs of underwear to pack. 
I think Huckle is feeding off my crazy listing & busyness, he has gone wild the past few days. Climbing chairs, standing atop his wheelybug to clamber over gate, pulling out the entire contents of my freezer, & the entire contents of all drawers & cupboards within reach, whilst pouring frozen peas into a cup & asking for milk in his bowl, all while I'm trying to cook (& not burn) dinner. CA-RAZY town. I think today alone, I have had 180 mini pretend heart attacks. I just need to lie down for a while... a long while! 
My posting will most likely be sporadic for the next few weeks, while I soak up some warmth & serenity.
The photos have not relevence to this post at all. Although they do envoke a serene feeling when I look at them. Aaah, serenity. Rolling hills & golden sun how thee calm me.


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Enjoy the peace and serenity, when it arrives.

Cindy said...

Have a lovely time. The kids and I are going up to my mums for the school holidays and hibby is staying here and I feel like my head is about to explode with lists too, so I know exactly how you feel! I can't wait to defrost though

Anonymous said...

Enjoy it. I also make lists but the problem seems to be that whilst I score off things I've done I also add to the list. It seems neverending. LOL

celia said...

Have a nice break, Kitty! :)