Friday, 27 January 2012

a good dough...

Do you make bread? Do you make it how I do? It's super easy and really doesn't take that much effort at all. I decided I wanted to push my dough a little further, to see what it could become. So last night as my dough mixed itself about in Willow (my kitchenaid), I thought some thoughts and this is what I came up with.
Whenever I make dough, I make enough for two loaves. One is gobbled up that day & the next and the other is often sliced and frozen. But that's not all that exciting is it? So last night, I released half the dough into a seperate bowl and to the other half I added sunflower and flax seeds. This morning I settled the seedy dough atop sesame seeds instead of my usual polenta and ta da! A perfectly tasty, seedy loaf. Lookout John Dench! (The main reason I make my own bread, is because I sadly do not live around the corner from Dench anymore and no other bread has ever won my heart... until now of course.)
The other half of the dough became cinnamon scrolls. I rolled it out into a long rectangle, liberally coated it with melted butter, cinnamon and sugar. I then rolled it up, cut the log into 4cm pieces and squashed them into a buttered baking dish. I winged all the quantities here. I just threw them on and stopped when it looked right. I baked these for just over half an hour. A simple icing was drizzled over while they were still hot. This was made using icing sugar, milk and vanilla extract. You want the icing to ooze down the cracks and sides. Were they delicious? Yep! 
The good thing about these too, is that because they use my usual bread dough, they're denser and more wholesome (thanks to the wholemeal and rye) than the cinnamon scrolls you can buy at most bakeries. But yes, they still fall into the "treat" category, thanks to the sugar and icing.
What do you think? Will you make some? They're so good, we've almost finished them. Piglets, I know.

Note: The recipe in the link makes just one loaf, but the quantities are easily doubled.

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celia said...

Beautiful looking breads - I especially love the slashing on the seeded loaf!