Friday, 20 January 2012

an offering to the birds...

Huckle loves to make nests for the birds. I think it's so sweet, I just had to document it.
Often he will find bark off the stringy bark gums, or big gum leaves to create his nests. But after three acres of metre high grass had been slashed, it was decided that grass cuttings would make a fine nest indeed. 
He set about gathering his grass and placed it on a log stool, he added gum leaves and flowers for a homely welcome. After building the nest, he called the birds (all birds are called ducks in Huckle language), "Duck duck, duck duck!" If after a certain while the birds still do not come, he employs the use of the mighty bird calling stick. His little (big) voice ringing out across the yard as he beats his stick upon a log.
What do you like to do, when out amongst nature? Do you build nests for birds? Or dens for wombats? Me, I like to sit back and observe my little man on his great adventures.


Emma said...

Hazel calls all birds 'duck duck' as well!

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh Kitty this is the sweetest, most beautiful and adorable thing. What a precious special boy you have.
I'm so glad you included a pic of him in action with his duck calling. Priceless.
And if i had such a boy out in nature I would just watch him too xo