Monday, 13 February 2012

the week long celebration of the three-oh...

This past week has been a lovely celebration, for last Tuesday I turned thirty. We celebrated lots and most of it (not surprisingly) involved delicious food. Here's a snapshot of our week. 
Birthday eve we ate homemade pizza and sipped on some lovely Bordeaux. 
Birthday morning was all about the crepes. I like a variety of toppings, we had Nutella and banana, lemon and sugar and don't forget the simple jam crepe. Are you a crepe fan? What's your favourite topping? Maybe there's something missing from my line-up.
Birthday afternoon, I snuck off to the city to buy myself a lovely Bison gift. Of course I had to stop into Journal for some Pumpkin Bruschetta. And who can go by Degraves Lane without indulging in a Belgian Waffle or two? Yum.
For birthday dinner, my love took me to Union Dining. This place is heaven. Nikki creates such beautiful food and Adam is a right charmer front of house. We feasted on Ortiz anchovies, mussels, prawns, snapper, crab risotto and finished off with some most delicious ice creams. It was a truly indulgent night out, one I shall remember for years to come. My favourite part of the evening was sitting on the banquette beside my beloved, sharing dessert and being lovers.
Wednesday morning, I had breakfast with my boys and bestie at Milton. Marty makes the best breakfasts, but sadly it was one of his last shifts. 
On Wednesday afternoon we popped into the salvage yard to buy some timber for our next piece. Samuel is building me a big dining table for my present, so we did some research for that too.
Huckle loves the salvage yard. The owner lets him borrow a car to play with when he visits, so he's always very busy. The car drives on timber, in the dirt, gets buried under gum leaves and dipped in buckets of water. Hours of fun really.
On Saturday we went to Melbourne again, under the guise of catching up with Samuel's cousin. When we turned up at their house, I was also greeted by my two best friends preparing food in the kitchen. That was just the start of the surprise. Over the next hour, all of my close friends walked through the door! I was so surprised, how on earth did they manage to keep such a secret from the girl who hates surprises? We laughed and drank (me mineral water) the night away. Such a beautiful present. Thank you to all my wonderful friends.
Sunday morning Huckle and I trotted off to Camberwell market. I scored some delightful vintage cottons, Huckle scored some old cars and we both soaked up the atmoshpere of the Salvation Army Brass Band. Huckle was speechless throughout their performance (see the below photo).
The rest of Sunday was spent chilling out and grazing constantly on leftovers. We also made a start on my box of Calendar cheeses from my gorgeous friends Marty and Selma. Thanks guys! I dare say it will take us a while to get through these.
So, it was a very busy week indeed. I'm looking forward to a quiet one this week. 
I don't have any anecdotes on turning thirty. It wasn't scary and I don't feel any older. I do feel truly blessed to have such a gorgeous husband and Huckle and wonderful family and friends who are all on this precious journey of life with me. 
Thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes last week, you really made my day.

Phew, that was a long post! If you've made it this far and aren't family, you've done exceptionally well. 
Have a happy week. x 


Andi said...

30? You spring chicken you!!
Loving your birthday cuisine. I'm a lemon a sugar girl too!
Happy birthday Kitty!!!

Susan said...

happy birthday! sounds like an awesome week. Hope 30 is a magical year for you!

CurlyPops said...

Happy 30th Birthday Week Kitty - sounds like it was absolutely delightful!

bec said...

Happy birthday you yummy Mummy! Glad you were truly spoilt by your boys!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!

Sounds like you had some wonderful days - always good to celebrate with family and friends!

Oh, and I like sugar mixed with cinnamon on my crepes!