Sunday, 4 March 2012


Our weekend has been crazy. Full of markets, sourcing materials for Ironwood and Eaglesmith and organising the our new space.
I'm going to document each day with a three photos and use them to remember exactly what we did this past weekend. It's all such a blur.
Please excuse this onslaught of posts.
We typically arrive at the warehouse on friday afternoon, unload the pieces made that week and get ourselves settled in. Huckle's routine is kept the same as at home, so it's dinner, bath, milk, stories, teeth and in bed by seven.
After the little man has gone to bed we veg out and try to restore some energy.
This week we had Samuel's cousin and his wife around for pizzas. I made the dough before we left, it kind of exploded into a monster in the car on the way up. There's always chaos in our adventures and exploding monster dough shall not deter us! When it came to making dinner, it behaved perfectly and was the best batch we've made so far. So delicious.
This super yellow monster from our garden was enjoyed atop a few pizzas too. I can't remember what variety it is. It was very fleshy and rich, with only a few seeds. 
So that was friday...

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