Wednesday, 14 March 2012

moving to a big bed and banana bread...

We've just begun the transition into big bed territory over here and so far it's going ok. It's a bit of a battle to keep him in the bed while I leave the room, so for now I sit by his bedside and practice my pranayama (yoga breathing) while he gets the hint and cozies up to sleep. I'm seeing it as an opportunity to be still and prepare for birthing baby number two, as pranayama allowed me the strength and awareness I needed through Huckle's birth. 
The day nap is proving to be another battle entirely. We'll see how we go with that one
Now, onto a different topic all together! Banana Bread.
I seem to be forever chasing the perfect banana bread. I thought I'd worked it out way back here, but then I grew complacent and it lost my devotion. I can't even remember what lost me, maybe I need to revisit the recipe?
The other day I tried a new recipe from The Women's Weekly Bake Cookbook. Of course I changed a few things a) because I struggle to follow instructions EVER and b) simply because I didn't have the exact ingredients. 
I think I like this one. It has a lot going for it. The crumb is good, lovely flavour, fluffy enough to be indulgent, yet wholesome enough to be almost healthy (minus the sugar).
I'm not saying it's a winner. For surely my taste will change and I'll flutter off to the next version. I know what I'm like.
How do you like your banana bread? Are you a recipe flirt like me? Or do you have an old flame that still burns bright?
Please share if you have a winning recipe. That is if it isn't a top secret Nanna recipe.

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Christina said...

It looks fantastic. I do so love banana bread. I am alone in my love though in this household of ours, so each time I bake one it's all mine and I indulge a couple of times a day until it's all gone. Breakfast, snack, dessert... yes, just love banana cake. Will have to send you my recipe so you can tinker with it too. :)