Monday, 5 March 2012

new pieces...

We've been busy little beavers these past few weeks. Slowly moving into our new showroom space, building furniture and sourcing vintage items to be sold as well. 
There are two new pieces ready for sale, the Birmingham Side Table (an ode to the city's part in the Industrial Revolution) and the Ipanema Dining Set (named for it's beachy personality). Full details and more photos can be viewed on the Ironwood and Eaglesmith web page.
The showroom is coming along nicely. We're hoping to have it all up and running for April.  Exciting?  Yes! Scary? Double Yes! We'll be open to the public on weekends at this stage, the opening hours will most likely be 10am to 3pm both days. For the moment there will be our furniture plus an assortment of vintage industrial goodness to peruse, as well as the custom postie bikes of Post Modern Motorcycles
We're looking to source some crafted items too down the track. If you know of anyone making wares that would suit the vintage industrial vibe, please let me know. For that's my next little project.
I think a little launch party is in order too. Although, I might put that idea on the back-burner for a while. Can't go getting ahead of myself now, can I? Let's focus on opening first.
So that's it from me today. I'm all tuckered out from too many hours in front of Tom(puter) and chasing a weary Huckle this way and that.
I hope your monday has been just as fruitful.

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CurlyPops said...

I know someone who may be interested in a lovely piece of furniture. I'll email him your website details!