Thursday, 22 March 2012


Some things I am wishing for today...
:: a full night's sleep
:: a certain toddler to have a full night's sleep
:: a magical fairy to clean my house
:: and maybe a few more hours in each day
That doesn't sound too unreasonable now, does it?

Aside from my wishful thinking, things have been busy as usual this week. On the Ironwood and Eaglesmith front, Samuel has finished two more pieces which will be up on the website on monday and I've been designing ads and postcards to help get the word out on the street.
Our life is absolutely consumed with all things I&E at the moment. Everything is slowly coming together, but when you're in the thick of things it sure does feel like you're just going around in circles. Starting a business from nothing with no money is hard work. Luckily we both love it and hopefully it will in turn reward us for our efforts one day.

We've welcomed a new little member into the family this week. Not a wee bubba (thank goodness! we're still a while off), but an adorable mohair bear. Made by the Royal Bear Maker herself, Jess from teddybearswednesday. When we were waiting for Huckle to arrive, I commissioned Jess to make him a special bear. So it was only fair that we did the same for the next little bubba too.
It really is a most beautiful bear and I can't wait to see it get dragged about on adventures of the most adventurous kind.
Here they are together, enjoying a spot of fine weather. Huckle's bear is on the right and the new fellow is on the left.
I'm off to conjure up the magical fairy within me and clean the house, wash the dishes and make something delicious for tea. Let's see how I go.

Do you have a magical fairy who cleans your house?
Or is it you in disguise?
Happy Thursday!
May the sun shine and your house be clean. 


Susan said...

I soooo need a magical cleaning fairy - our house is looking pretty disgraceful!

Emma said...

We recently decided to lower our house cleaning standards, as we are a bit too stretched to manage everything.
Our new ethos is that good food and relationships come first, baths for kids also, and everything else can just be messy for a while.
Toddlers are too good at mess, and I don't want to cramp Hazel's style too much!
She is sleeping a lot better, I hope that Huckle learns the art soon, it is so good to get through the night uninterrupted.

teddybearswednesday said...

I can't say how much I admire you for your current undertaking with I&E, it's very brave to start out with nothing to create something all the while when you have a little guy and another one soon to arrive.
You really do amaze me how you manage it all.
And Kitty, thank you sooo so very much for your beautiful and kind words about Albie and me, you are way to kind, but it really means a lot. I'm so happy he arrived safe and sound, and that you are happy with him. I also cannot wait to see him dragged through the mud and get more loved and worn in xo