Thursday, 26 April 2012

right now...

I am...

feeling :: the warmth of the fire

waiting :: for a phone call to say if we'll be moving house or not

listening :: to a little Huckle man chatter away about chestnuts and tidy up

eating :: leftover nanna style vegie soup with homemade bread for lunch

hoping :: to sit by the fire and crochet the afternoon away

harvesting :: chestnuts, passionfruit and the last few sneaky potatoes and tomatoes hiding in vegie patch

enjoying :: the warm glow of the sun, when it occasionally pops out from behind the clouds

watching :: the leaves turn beautiful shades of yellow, orange, red and even purple

decluttering :: the whole house... and the shed... aaaand the studios, bye bye stuff

cooking :: dinners ahead... red beans and rice, pumpkin and barley gratin and pumpkin and chickpea curry

baking :: anzacs, a little late but delicious none the less

discovering :: the world through a little persons eyes... caterpillars, rocks, leaves...
What are you up to right now?
I hope it's wonderful, whatever it may be.

inspired by soulemama


Susan said...

ooh where are you moving? I'm trying to declutter too while I pack our stuff but I'm not sure how ruthless to be - I mean do I chuck out our virtually unused trivial pursuit and pictionary or hang onto them on the off chance we might use them in 12 years or so when the kids are old enough?!?

Retro Age Vintage Fabrics said...

That is such a lovely post, Kitty - it really makes your world so alive for me. I hope you were able to spend the afternoon the way you wanted :)


Carlo Heathcote said...

Dear Arlo, Huckle, Kitty & Sam,

Congratulations to Arlo and the rest of the family of his arrival.

I know we don't communicate often but I admire the way you as a family chart your own path.