Thursday, 3 May 2012


Yes. I am completely mad.
Today I am 38 weeks pregnant.
We're moving house. And I&E studio. And a mechanics workshop. And our small fleet of vintage cars (six. not counting the one we're getting rid of, or the one in melbourne, or the daily driver, or the ones that aren't ours. ok, so maybe that's nine... or ten).
Told you I was mad.
Things will be a bit quiet on the blog for a while. Understandably.
Here's the only photo I've managed in the past few days. 
A tiny portion of jars from my pantry lining up two by two.
I'm off to pack more boxes, while the darling husband ferries another load to the new house.
I hope this baby stays in for at least one more week.
Wish me luck.
See you soon.


Susan said...

ok it does sound mildly crazy! Can't wait to see some pics of your new digs. Sending lots of luck and baby-holding-in vibes your way!

Kate said...

Good luck!!!!
It does sound like a crazy time.
But terribly exciting too.

Christina Lowry said...

Oh, wishing you all the best with the move. And yes, you are crazy. We moved when I was pregnant with Emerson and the advantage was I didn't have to move the boxes or argue with Dave while moving the furniture - everyone does that, right? So no heavy lifting ok?! Not even a little! Packing and pointing only.

Stay put little one! xx

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh My goodness! good luck !!!! where to? Oh i do hope it all goes well xo

Catherine said...

How are you? I hope all went well with the move and that you little bub has arrived safely and you're enjoying some quality time together. Take care and I hope to see you back here when everything has settled down. xx