Thursday, 5 July 2012

one month...

Little Arlo has been in our lives for just over a month. I find it so hard to believe. It feels such a short time, whilst feeling like forever at the same time.
I'm lacking sleep and therefore sense, so please forgive my little ramblings.

Our days have been a complete juggling act of caring for a newborn, entertaining a two-year old, protecting newborn from two-year old (donks on the head, eye pokes and limb pulling), keeping warm, making dinner and oh yeah... just trying to keep my head above water.
I'm keeping good humour about things though. It's not every day that you get wee-d on, pooed on and spewed on... oh hang on... yes it is. I'm all about repeating my mantra, "it's all a phase". For all of the hard stuff is way out balanced by the good. It's so easy to sit on the couch a little longer, ignore the dishes and forget about the laundry when there's squishy baby cuddles to be had. As much as i like having two arms to do stuff with, I do love my little koala boy. They grow so fast, I just want to hold onto the little bebe forever.

Here he is for his one month photo with his teddy (made by the loveliest of lovelies, Jess). Just like I did with Huckle, I'm going to document Arlo's first 12 months alongside his special teddy. 
Thank you to all the lovely folk who left a message welcoming little Arlo into the world. We felt truly spoilt by you kindness, our hearts felt very full.  

It's lovely to be back here in this space. Hopefully I'll be able to pop in a little more frequently and keep the family happy. 
I hope you're keeping warm, It's bloody freezing around these parts.


Sue said...

Oh my goodness he has grown so much and isnt he adorable! Yes it is bloody freezing down here and a little bit of warmth would go a long way wouldnt it. But then again it will be summer in a few months so I just try and enjoy it!

Jodie said...

Wow Arlo, you are growing so fast!

Jodie said...

he is indeed growing fast...those beautiful cheeks!

bec said...

Oh, so so cute! And a real buddha belly! Such a sweet jumper too. He looks quite different to Huckle now, saw a resemblance when he was born, but he looks so much fairer. You guys make gorgeous boys!

teddybearswednesday said...

OH Arlo you are gorgeous, like your amazing mummy and older brother. But very much you're own little self.
You're also lucky i think to have such a cool mum xo
PS you know how much I love seeing the monthly baby/bear shots.x