Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Well. It's been a long time between posts, hasn't it.
I've been immersed in baby land and oh my god two year old's are so busy (and annoying) land.
I feel a little out of touch with the "real" world. But I think I'm ok with that.
The real camera and I have been hanging out a little bit again. When I've sorted out an internet connection to our back room, There will be some proper photos to show.
For now instagram is keeping my creative side entertained, with the added bonus of keeping the far away family in the loop. I love the instant nature of it. It's like blogging without having to string words together. Which is rather appealing to me at the moment and perhaps why I haven't been around these parts lately.
So between kidlet wrangling and other things, here's a brief summary of how we've been spending our days...

Making Huckle's room super fantastic. Most of the furniture is vintage and has been sourced on the ebay. Other pieces have been gifted or repurposed from about the house. I have a love hate relationship with the ikea shelf, but it does wonders for keeping toys in order. Mind you, they're only ever in order while he sleeps.
Making Smoked Trout and Potato Frittata, Gingerbread, Lentil Loaf and roast veg and Spanakotpita among other things. I'll have to post the Gingerbread recipe. They were so, so good. Spicy, crunchy... and all good things a Gingerbread man should be.
And of course adventuring with my boys. The Museum, Dada's work, the Botanic Gardens and in and about Richmond. It's a lot of work wrangling them whilst adventuring... especially when I have to chase a run-away toddler while breastfeeding a baby. Apologies to all the innocent tourists at the Botanic Gardens last week. I know you weren't there to see me racing past you with a baby attached to my bare breast. I'm sure it made your visit all the more memorable though. Ha ha ha. Surely I'm not the first for that to happen to... surely.
Well, that was a lot of pictures and a lot of words. 
I hope it is coherent. I have no energy left for editing.

I hope all is well where you are. 
Spring is on our doorstep! Eeeep! I can't wait.


Susan said...

lovely to see you back posting again. I've definitely experienced the 2year old breast feed chase!!

Anonymous said...

So nice to hear from you, and beautiful pictures. And oh my, how Huckle has grown!
Looking forward to more pictures (and the gingerbread recipe...) and wishing you some time for relaxing in between the baby/toddler wrangling, if that is possible.


Christina Lowry said...

Ha! I can just picture it! Cohen is four in December and I still have to chase after him while feeding Emerson, though usually it is around the house after first saying "Go to your room!" Boys!

Love keeping up with your adventures here and on instagram. Two certainly is a lot different to one. But I find I am more relaxed this time around, less anxious about what I "should" be doing and more relaxed to just do what feels right.