Friday, 5 October 2012

four months...

Where has the week gone?! 
I couldn't tell you what on earth we've been up to. The week is a big melting pot of activities, walks, errands, outings, playing, eating, sleeping... the list goes on. Most days I don't know what day it is and when I do know (or think I know) what day it is, I'm often wrong. 
I don't mind. We have our own sense of time here. My favourite thought each and every day, is that there is always tomorrow. Aaah, thank goodness for tomorrow.

One thing I am certain of though, is that the wee Arlo man turned four months last friday.
He's all kinds of squishable goodness, he is.
He loves a chat and thinks I am HILARIOUS. (well I am... aren't I...?)
There's the oh, so serious chat, the giggly chat and the chat in which he'll talk of chomping down on your cheek and then attempt to follow through. 
He is very aware of what he wants and will crack it until I figure out what it is. In most cases, this will be a want to get in the bath or to steal my food.
This boy is so interested in food. He sits on my lap at meal times, so he can feel a part of the family. And he gets oh so cross that nothing is going in his mouth. I think he'll like food very much. I can only imagine what feeding him as a teenager will be like!
We went to the health nurse yesterday. She said he was a big boy. 
Yep, that's how I make them. He's 8.4kg and growing out of size zero and into size ones.
Oh Arlo man. You're growing too fast. Please slow down.

In other news...
We're off uptown tomorrow for joint 2 and 4 year old birthday party. Huckle is quite excited.
I sewed Huckle some spotty, piratey pants. I'll show you soon.
I need to stop procrastinating here and go and sew the birthday pressies for tomorrow.

I'm off!
See ya!
Have a happy weekend.

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teddybearswednesday said...

He is utterly scumptous!I I so love these monthly photos xo