Thursday, 18 October 2012

into nature...

Two is wonderful. 
There is so many new things to learn, songs to sing, stories to recite. 
The world is full of wonder.
But two is also hard. 
There is energy to burn, emotions to figure out and boundaries to test.
When days are hard {and the weather is reasonable} we head outside.
We jump in the car and find a local reserve to explore.
And then we exhale.
The focus shifts from butting heads, to the beauty of nature.
We walk through the bush peacefully, stopping every now and then to study something of interest and to discuss what it might be, how it got to be here and why.
Why is the feather blue? Why did the tree fall? Who cut it up? Where are the ants going?
So, so much to learn.
These little adventures make the day to day a little less overwhelming.
Thank you mother nature. 

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