Tuesday, 23 October 2012

this and that...

 :: I made ginger beer... but it smells like farts {not my words}. 
Sam thinks I caught some bacteria in my starter. 
Apart from the sulphur smell, I think I did quite well. 
It has a lovely light fizz and a gentle ginger flavour... but yes, it still smells like farts. 
Better luck next time.

:: I love cook books. 
Not just any cook book though. I need one with a story, with substance. 
This stack has some old favourites, some new purchases and a borrowed one that needs to be purchased. 
Who needs to smoke or drink when you can buy cook books instead?

:: Spring. When it is good, it is very, very good {and when it is bad, it is horrid}. 
The lawn is proving to be the perfect spot for colouring, tea parties and cubbies.
When not on the lawn, you'll most likely find us on the front verandah. 
Huckle takes great pride in the watering of the herbs {when he's not pulling them out}.
We have oregano, thyme, mint, coriander and parsley. He knows which is which and fetches them for me when I cook. 
Knowing real food is important to me and I hope that I can instill that in my children.

:: There's been a lot of sewing happening over here.
We happened to be near a spotlight last week and I made the mad dash in, sans children. 
I was pleasantly surprised with the designs they currently have {and not at all surprised at their understaffed, unhelpful ways}.
I haven't purchased new fabric in oh, so long. I felt completely indulgent. 
The first three will be used to make pants and shorts for the Huckle and Arlo.
The other two are for me. I'm thinking floaty, summery tops.

Have you made ginger beer before? Any tips?
What's happening at yours this week? Sewing? Cooking? Outdoor tea parties?
Hope it's lovely.


Christina Lowry said...

Good on you! Making ginger beer (and soap) have been on my to do list, but still haven't been ticked off. Bummer about the smell though!

Cohen knows which herbs and veggies we have growing in our garden too and snacks on the basil. :)

And those fabrics! Wow! I would never have guessed they were from Spotlight. Great choices. Hope you share the finished projects with us. xx

bec said...

Haha, the farts story got me! Having 3 boys in the house, you are going to be inundated with fart talk for years! I am, and it's only me and the girl haha. Love ginger beer, tried my first alcoholic one last week, delish!