Tuesday, 6 November 2012

five months...

Our dear little Arlo man tuned five months last week. Why, oh why does time go so fast?

He is turning into such a funny fellow, always ready to give a smile and a giggle.
He loves to blow raspberries and spends many moments throughout the day perfecting his raspberry blowing skills with great gusto and concentration.
He has discovered his feet. If nappy changes weren't already challenging... they sure are now.
He gets so excited to see us, especially Huckle. Complete adoration.
He stares at us through the bars of his cot and chats away in the morning, waiting patiently for us to wake.
He has the squeal of a baby pterodactyl. So. Very. Loud.
He loves to watch the animals go about their business, especially Bagpipe the duck.

Oh Arlo man, we love you so.

one, two, three, four months

Flashback: Huckle at five months.

Teddy by the sweetest bear maker around.


Christina Lowry said...

Such a cutie! It's wonderful the way they adore their siblings, isn't it? I'm hoping it lasts! Love his cute top and teddy too. xx

InkspellEleanor said...

Aww he is just divine! I have an Arlo too who turned 5months on nov 1st- they must be so close. Uncanny!