Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Wanda's before shots...

We picked up Wanda on Saturday. It was such an exciting day, I had butterflies in my stomach.
With our experience in buying vintage vehicles (let's just say it's a number between 10 and 20), I should have known it was not going to be without a couple of hiccups along the way. 
Sam knew we had to bleed the brakes before we could drive her anywhere (she had no brakes whatsoever!), which means that while he's underneath the vehicle I'm pumping the brake pedal... over and over and over again. I have helped to do this on almost every vehicle we've owned and this is the first time where I thought my leg was going to drop off! They were absolute jelly afterwards. An hour doing this in the heat of the afternoon, with Arlo man on my lap and Huckle getting into everything; I was ready to crack it. 
Next, the dear old dot we bought it off swore that it went well at 100km... yes, well... perhaps let's say she only gets up to 80km. Not quite 100, but it will do. This is most definitely going to be the slow way round Australia.
After a trip home in tandem with a few hairy scary moments, it was time to get the old girl up the drive. She had to fit through a standard gate going backwards twenty-odd metres up a slight incline. With Arlo on my hip and Huckle locked up on the verandah, I did my best to direct Samuel up the drive. Nerve wracking stuff! While the bus was blocking off the street, every farmer and his dog and all the milk trucks of south gippsland decided to drive past. I can now add traffic director to my resume.
So now she's in the driveway and the fun part can begin.
Here's what she looked like a couple of days ago. Scary stuff huh.
Already we've pull out most of the cabinets and emptied out all of the junk. I've measured and measured and measured some more. Plans and drawings are coming together and I'm having a blast choosing colours and fabrics.
I'll have to write about our retro colour scheme soon. It all revolves around this stove! Yes, that is our stove! Can you tell how excited I am? 
I'm going to try and post her progress once a week to see her transformation. 
Now I'm off to write some more lists before lights out.
Hope all is well where you are.


Evie said...

Oh gawd this is such a dream! I can't wait to see more of her transformation and beyond!! let the adventures of wanda roll on. oh and that stove is the cutest, it looks like it came from a dolls house : ) x

Susan said...

so excited for you guys! Can't wait to see the progress. Cutest stove ever!