Thursday, 2 May 2013

life lately...

It appears that this space has turned into a "look how my cute my children are" blog! 
Well, they are... but that gets a bit boring after a while, unless you're a grandparent or aunt of course.

Life is pretty chaotic here, as you could imagine.
We have five weeks left to make it all happen. Easier said than done.

So this wee blog will probably only get weekly kidlet updates for a while longer until the great adventure begins.

I'll be posting bus pics (along with other random things that make me happy) over on instagram if you're missing me too much. Ha ha.

Hope all is well where you are. 

1 comment:

melania said...

Best of luck with the packing and renovating, hope it all goes super-smoothly. I love seeing Wanda's updates on instagram (your boys are super cute too!). Will be great to see where your journey takes you and your boys.

Mel x