Sunday, 24 February 2008

This Is . . . Me Taking A Picture of Myself In the Mirror With My Favourite Accessory

Another week of Angela's 'This is' is upon us. Thanks to one red robin for this weeks theme. It was quite a challenge to hold the camera still, not block my face and still take a half decent picture. I think it has a nice olde world haziness to it, hee.
My favourite accessory would be my little cream hat made by plum valley. It's a cute 1920's style that keeps my little head warm. I had to get it taken in, because no adult hats fit my pinnie head.
My other fave accessory is my engagement ring, because everytime I look at it I think of my wonderful man and think how lucky I am to have found him. (although he will argue that he saw me first.)
I also love my camera and it often travels with me when I go for a wander.
And incase you were wondering, the bandage on my hand is not an accessory that I am particularly fond of. It's there for another 2 weeks while my wrist recovers from surgery. I had a niggly ganglion removed on friday. So no more everyday aches for me. Yay!
I look forward to next weeks theme from Pip of meet me at mikes.


Kyla said...

All great accessories. Love the 1920's friend Mel would kill to have a hat like that one. Have a super day!

Maggie Pie said...

Hats are a fav accessory of mine, but I have quite the opposite problem to you -a large head...rarely do I find a suitable hat!Great photo,I found the theme this week a creative challenge. Hope that wrist is on the mend.