Wednesday, 5 March 2008

on my desk... on a wednesday

Thanks again to Kirsty for this meme.
On my desk today, I have booklet that I have just bound for Anthea van Kopplen who is a part of this exhibition at Craft Victoria. It starts tomorrow so do have a look. I'm quite excited because this is the second piece of binding of mine that is now in the hands of Craft Vic. Also, some Florence Broadhurst fabric that I'm attempting to turn into this bag; a special red envelope for Brooke and my knitting attempt... I can knit! So far I've only dropped 1 stitch, but otherwise I'm on a roll.
Have a happy wednesday & I'll see some of you tonight for mikes drinks.


starashan said...

great fabric! and congrats on being part of the exhibition!!

CurlyPops said...

Wow, you have lots of little crafty projects on the go at the moment. Is it easy to get a car park near Craft Vic? I would love to go and visit.

Corrie said...

ohhh that looks interesting at craft vic and well done for getting to exhibit! I might have to pop in and have a peek

and fun at drinks! I'm in my pj's by 7pm most nights but would love to be there!

Kirsty said...

The fabric is really lovely and I shall see you at drinks tonight.

RheLynn said...

You make me miss my bookbinding materials! The feel of a bone folder on crisp paper...tying signatures with linen string... but I have too many things going on already. Agreed you have lots of great projects going on too - good for you on the knitting!

boobook said...

you are good and thank you so so much for my red letter!!
Moca is now pinned on the board thanks to you!!
brooke and moca

Anna Laura said...

I love those A4 cutting mats! I keep one in front of me at the computer, which speaks more about my computer addiction than anything else.

Great to see you last night, I'm still laughing about the Firemen v Cops story!

Hollabee said...

Hi there,

Thanks for the link ;)
It's so cool to see what's on everyone's desk...maybe I should join...but I have 2 desks...1 for sewing and 1 for the computer (which I share with my partner)...

Shame I didn't get to meet you at the drinks...I was to full from dinner on Brunswick street..maybe next time :)

BigCat said...

Hey Kitty

It was lovely to meet you too last night. I am looking forward to hanging out at Brown Owls.

I love that Florence Broadhurst fabric. Did you buy it directly through Signature prints? I am keen to play around with some of her fabrics but wasn't sure if anyone can get her stuff and play with it.


littlesnoring said...

Hello ,

I am so thrilled you purchased my Love Bird Heart, and I got to find your blog. The images are really interesting and I its so cool that you into interior design and bookbinding. That's me in another life! Ha.
Good luck with the upcoming exhibition.

Best. Edwina