Tuesday, 4 March 2008

schooling about

I've been working on an assignment at school where we're designing the fitout for a health and beauty resort. I'm at the conceptual stage, which is just pulling some ideas together and throwing them about, my theme is based on that of a cocoon. I'm working on a curved wall that runs throught he building, I'm going to cut into the wall and backlight sculpture fabric, to the affect as seen above. The first 2 pics are just playing with texture and the second 2 are a mockup to help convey my idea into 3D. I'm pretty happy with how they've turned out.

On the craft side of things... I've just bought myself some wool and needles and I'm going to learn to knit. First up, a scarf (of course). I'm quite excited, I'll post later on in the week to show how I'm progressing.


gusseting said...

whoa - i love those backlit sculptural panels, and i'd love to knit something like that. so stunning!
congrats on the scarf - you're doing a good job - really, and it'd be ace to have you do a little test knit for the super secret mm@m's project.

boobook said...

I would be a customer any day!!
Knitting is fun too!!