Thursday, 22 May 2008

delightful day

Day off today. I had a delivery to make first thing this morning to a friend Ellie, who I bound a series of books for. Ellie is a fashion deigner who repurposes & refashions second hand clothes into fantastic one off pieces. Check out her website here (new one coming soon...) she also sells through pussycat black & hunter gatherer. Her range includes the "shirt skirt", "shirt dress", "pant vest" & "t-laces".
Then I toddled off down smith st & made a few discoveries. First one was toolz, a cute little zakka-style shop specialising in simple womens clothing, many made from beautiful natural fibres. The shop was designed & built by a husband & wife team, I met the lovely lady Kayo today, she hails from Japan & has such a wonderful manner. I purchased a brooch for $9.50, It is handmade in melbourne & packaged with the utmost detail. There is a japanese saying that is "beauty in simplicity" & this store is the epitomy of this belief. I must now go back & try on some clothes.
brooch from toolz

I then went on to explore another new shop, the "smith st bazaar". It has been open only 10 days, but I'm sure it has alot of time ahead of it. Think Chapel st bazaar, without the chaos. A big open warehouse style space with a mezzanine level. Some things I spotted were these two carousel horses $125 each, a magnificent reconditioned wooden boat (not yet ready for sale), a great selection of hats & this lovely blue & grey scarf which I purchased for myself. There was also a workbench that took my fancy, I have it on hold & just waiting for Samuels approval before I make the purchase. More on that when it is in my little mits.
carousel horses at the bazaar

my new scarf

And then of course a regular stop in to the lost & found market, where I found this beauty. There is a song on here that will play a special part in my life shortly. So it's essential to own it on vinyl. I then went off to julio to have lunch with a friend. I had a fantastic pea & pea soup, good for the soul it was. Had a chat, shared a laugh, then went to visit Otto. He is a 14 month old weimaraner. He is part mine & I do love the Otto very much. Here he is below, looking handsome as a puppy.
Otto dog


craftygirlwithruffle said...

It is so nice to have a day off isn't it and rediscovering places that you don't normally get to on a work day. I too hail from Melbourne (Brunswick) and haven't been to Smith or Brunswick Sts for ages. Maybe it's toime! Is book binding difficult?

CurlyPops said...

Ooooh I wish I had your sounds like lots of fun! I'll have to check out the Smith St Bazaar, sounds great.

Leni and Rose said...

What a fantastic way to spend a day off!

.girl ferment. said...

How can you resist just taking him home? You have made some gorgeous finds, thanks for sharing.


Bird Bath said...

So many lovely things in your day...The scarf and brooch are fab finds and otto is too cute.