Friday, 23 May 2008

friday archives...

Please remember not to laugh
Another beautiful raceday outfit, crikey! What was I thinking? I really do hope the fashion & design gods forgive me for my teenage sins. & do you know what the funny thing is... one day I left my book behind in a class, so I went back to the art room to retrieve it & their was a girl in the year above me tracing over my designs!!! I mean, why would you... they're shocking.
This one, like last weeks is one of the first I designed. They do become more refined as I progress.
Thanks to loobylu for hosting.
"starry night"


.girl ferment. said...

hehe i think it is hilarious that you were being plagiarised miss kitty.

Sherrin said...

another smashing number! lol I am loving your foray into fashion design.

Kirsty said...

Absolutely wonderful kitty. I love everything about your project runway.