Tuesday, 10 June 2008

at kilcunda with my boys

On Sunday we went and picked up the gus dog (Samuel's staffy) & otto dog (my weimarener) & drove to kilcunda to see the old bridge. The dogs played in the sand & I think Samuel & I really enjoyed the drive out of town.

I haven't posted since friday, I've just been overcome with stuff to do. I spent Saturday down at the workshop, keeping the boys company & crocheting some granny squares, they were all quite excited as they thought I was making beer coasters for them. Then Saturday night we went to a friends place for dinner, good cheese & wine & then I fell asleep on their couch... at 9:30pm! Sunday was big brekky & wonderful drive, then to the pub for dinner & a glass of red. Monday I finished a book that had been commissioned & forgot to photograph it before sending it to it's new home. Must remember to chase them up for a photo.
So since then I've just been working away.
I have my motorcycle learners test tomorrow, so wish me luck.


Danielle said...

Sounds like you are a crochet-queen. I have tried and tried over the long weekend but no success... lots of cute brooches but no granny square. I may soon stop looking on the bright side ;)

boobook said...

oh look at your dogs!
too cute!
Glad you enjoyed your sunday.

ashley said...

that puppy of yours is soooo beautiful! Lucky you;)
really enjoyed 'lurking' in your blog today- what a lovely place;)

Drewzel said...

You have a staffy and a weimarener? Oooooh love love love!
I gots 2 staffies!