Friday, 6 June 2008

the game

What is your first name?... Kitty
What is your favorite food?... Cheese
What high school did you go to?... MacGregor
What is your favorite color?.... Yellow
Who is your celebrity crush?... Gram Parsons
Favorite drink?... Tea
Dream vacation?... Paris
Favorite dessert?... Rice Pudding
What you want to be when you grow up?... A Mum
What do you love most in life?... Love
One Word to describe you... Chipper
Your flickr name... Kitty's Kaboodle


1. Kitty learns some new words, 2. A platter full of cheese!, 3. The Mausoleum of the Clan MacGregor, 4. Missing the yellow house, 5. music book 2, 6. Tea Cozy, 7. Glimpse of the Marais, Paris, 8. rice pudding, 9. Mum and a pram, 10. LOVE, 11. Chipper, 12. Kitty's Books


CurlyPops said...

The photo of the mum and the pram and then the love hearts beside it makes it so sweet!

Lisa said...

Wow. I can't believe how entirely different each one of these mosaics have been.

Drewzel said...

Hooray for tea! I am seriously addicted.
Your mosiac is purty, Miss Kitty.

cindy said...

I have been inspired by Pip's Guide to blog manners to leave a comment. I love your blog and check it out all the time. Your bargain finds are fantastic. I never seem to have that much luck. Your flashback fridays are still bringing a smile. The food you cook looks devine too though I am yet to have a shot at any. Please keep giving the tidbits to enjoy. Thanks.

Anonymous said...