Wednesday, 25 June 2008

king arthur

Everyone, this is Arthur... Arthur, this is everyone.
This is Arthur... you've probably figured out that much already.
He is our new dog, he is two years old & we rescued him from the pound... in Armidale (northern new south wales).
My Samuel had a dog called Suzie, who passed earlier this year. She was 14 & had been his best friend. So when flitting through the ether, he came across a cattledog rescue page... & when he set eyes on dear Arthur, it just had to be. We organised for Arthur to be flown down & since he arrived last thursday night, he has been a true darling. He adapted to us straight away, is quite obedient, very quiet & just loves a cuddle. Every morning, he gets up with the Samuel & hangs out at work with him all day. A trip to the park on the way to & from work, then home again to cuddle on warm laps.
I do like him very much.


boobook said...

I LOVE your KING ARthur!!!
woof woof

Danielle said...

Sounds like Arthur has found a very loving home :)

Lara said...

oh what a cutie! He sounds lovely :)

teddybearswednesday said...

He is very very cute! I love him and those sorts of dogs.

Drewzel said...

Arthur! yay! Super gorgeous!
Was Suzie the staffy? awww :(
Love cattle dogs! Love Arthur! *wags tail*