Wednesday, 25 June 2008

on my desk... on a wednesday

A little project I've been working on... it entails ripping (carefully slicing actually) the innards out of old hardcovers. Shown above is one eighth of just one desk. While I may have just tidied up most of the studio... the desks are still a disaster zone.
I feel very accomplished today. After my little hectic spell earlier on in the week, I seem to have calmed down a fraction & get stuff done. You may not believe it but today I did all of the below...
  1. emailed two different celebrants regarding our big day
  2. emailed the dj to check availability
  3. sent out overdue invoices & caught up on other random emails
  4. started & completed the graphics of 2 advertisements for my fiances business
  5. started on the design of our wedding stationery
  6. did the grocery shopping (hadn't done a proper shop in a while, so it was a big shop today)
  7. cleaned the apartment (well I haven't vacuumed yet, but that can wait til tomorrow)
  8. put through a load of washing
  9. read some of the new frankie mag & a few blogs aswell
  10. drank 4 cups of tea & knitted a bit
  11. & organised some stuff to sell at camberwell market, I'm having a stall there on the 6th of july
Wow, do I feel accomplished now! I still have tomorrow off aswell to finish off my cleaning.
My little sister arrives from Yarrabah on friday night, she's staying for ten days. On the top of our list of things to do together is to visit the zoo. This is why I must do so much this week, so next week I can just hang out.

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Drewzel said...

OMG so productive!! Most days I'm lucky if I can get my shoes on! Hope you're enjoying your week with sis!