Sunday, 1 June 2008

this is... my pet

What a lovely theme for this week.
This is a picture of me and my dog Bong, yes that's right his name was Bong. When I was 4 my parents took me to the pound to choose a puppy. We chose the quietest one who was sitting all the way at the back, far away from all the others. My father named him... which leads to other questions still unanswered, but I can always assume.
Bong was my best friend & would always protect me (biting two of my uncles who were a bit gruff). He lived for 13 years or so & I was so upset when he passed. He was a german sheppard cross labrador & grew to be quite a big dog. He would eat anything & was always up for a game of fetch. He was such a clever dog too. 3 years before he passed, we got a cocker spaniel called Marcus. I used to tease Marcus by pretending to throw the ball & Marcus would run off to try a find it. All the while Bong would stand behind my back where the ball was hidden & bark to tell Marcus where it was. Clever boy.
He would also take advantage of people who were afraid of him. The lady next door used to babysit us & Bong would escape our yard by climbing a tree & jumping the fence. He would then sit in their front yard to protect us. The husband nextdoor was scared shitless of Bong & while Bong was in the front yard Bruce was too afraid to enter his own yard. Hee hee, fraidy cat.
Kitty at five years with Bong as puppy


CurlyPops said...

I can just imagine you waliking down the street saying....Bong, come here Bong, good boy!

mel bomba said...

Bong, yeah I would get to the bottom of that one! But what a cutie!

.girl ferment. said...

Look at those floppy ears,very cute. My dad had a dog called Bongie, although he was a toddler when he named it.

Sherrin said...

Bong looks like a great dog... I love his ears! Great name... but yeah, maybe your dad had more of a colourful past than you realised!! lol

flossy-p said...

Hahaha, Bong! Such a great story, it'd make a great kids book actually... I love the part about Bong climbing the tree to get next door to keep a watch over you. That's awesome. I bet you miss him, he sounds like a real treasure.

Lisa said...

Bong sounds like a fantastic companion, not to mention clever, trying to tell Marcus about your trick. :)