Friday, 22 August 2008

a brave update...

Just an update to let you know that I'm on track.
Here a some brave things I accomplished this week.

  1. Organised with a friend to view a studio space
  2. Actually went and checked the space out
  3. Called the dentist for an appointment
  4. Walked through pouring rain to get to the appointment (I hate getting wet & I didn't have an umbrella)
  5. I was very brave in the chair & didn't cry once
  6. I booked future appointments
  7. Finished a commission in record time
Stay tuned for more progress next week...


mixtapezine said...

wooo hoooo! xx

Lara said...

Nice work! Man it feels so good to get those scary things off your list doesn't it?

I recently found out that some dentists don't give anesthetic for fillings! OMG! If yours is one of those then I'd be scared too. And if so you should definitely change dentist :)