Saturday, 30 August 2008

dayelsford dreaming...

So last weekend was spent in the lovely dayelsford. A little secret trip planned by my man. We stayed at the Mount Stuart B&B, an amazing old house behind the main st. It was a freezing cold weekend, as it had snowed on the thursday before.
On saturday we had lunch at the farmers arms, a warm and cosy pub. After checking in, we wandered the streets, checking out shops. The rest of the afternoon was spent infront of the fire reading magazines. Dinner was had at an awesome place called breakfast & bier. If you are ever in town, I truly recomend it. The menu is full of simple heart-warming food & it all is quite tasty.
Sunday morning bought a big cooked breakfast. Also there was a meander throught the old railway markets to find some treasure. We purchased some bread & honey, an enamel jug, a felt hat & froze like peas out of the pod. The Mill Markets were next on our list & boy did we find some goodies in there. Not all goodies were purchased of course, they were merely lusted over. However we did buy a royal doulton plate & a selection of old records including some Dave Brubeck & James Taylor.
Then back home we tottled to where the degrees were a tiny bit higher, good old melbourne.
A mossy branch out front.

An old lincoln parked at the market. The driver was an old dude with a silver-grey pony tail.

Wares for sale at the old railway market.

A german felt hat I puchased.

Forever at the station.

Train door.

Enamel jug, a market find.

Royal Doulton "Carnival" sandwich plate, made in 1936.


CurlyPops said...

I haven't been to that market for years. The enamel jug and the sandwhich plate are absolutely gorgeous...what great finds! Sounds like you had a perfect chilly weekend.

Drewzel said...

Love the sandwich plate! yeah, I remember that market when it was just crusty old dudes and housewives trying to clean out their sheds and sell surplus fruit.
What a great weekend! yay!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your blog thru following Meet me at Mikes This is... trail, and have to ask about the sandwich plate. I am attempting to complete a set of that exact pattern of Royal Doulton and am dying to know how much you paid for it?? I'm sure it seems silly, and I'll probably kick myself (though I live in Sydney anyway so its not like I would have found it!) but you dont mind sharing figures???
Thanks, Emma