Thursday, 4 September 2008

another parcel from japan...

I ordered some lovely fabric & stamps from leslies etsy shop a few weeks back. & they arrived today. Just in time for spring . I really do love the bottom fabric, I'm on the hunt for a cute handbag pattern to make from it. The peachy coloured fabric wasn't on my order, but she is known to send little extras. Thankyou leslie.
Thankyou all for your well wishes. I'm on my way to being able to breathe easy & hopefully the cough will settle soon too. I'm not really one to get hayfever, but I have been making the biggest sneezes like 20 times a day. You know the big ones, where you stamp your foot they're so powerful. Anyway, I have lots of creations to show you... but not just now, I'm going to bed. Goodnight my friends.

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Leni and Rose said...

Oh that bottom fabric is gorgeous, perfect for a bag. Love it!