Wednesday, 22 October 2008

well then...

I've just recieved some rather overwhelming news. I got quite worked up & had a bit of a teary, a bit of "what the F#*K!" & a bit of hyper-ventilating. I had to have a cup of tea to calm me down. Luckily this afternoon I splashed out & purchased myself a bison ware mug. The colour is 'forget me knot' & I think it is delightful. I'm going to go back to the shop every so often & purchase different colours until I have a set of four. Then I'll have to start on some of their other products.
In other breaking news to take my mind off my other news... I believe I have found a dress for my wedding. It was a little more pricey than what I had originally conceived... but... it suits my shape & it's the colour I wanted & it's just fantastic really. I'm taking the husband to be to have a look at it to get full approval. I know it's tradition for him not to see it, but we do everything together & tell each other everything & I'm absolutely totally useless at keeping secrets! I'll post a picture once it's set in stone... so exciting!
Anyway... thanks for listening, I mean reading. I'm taking my weary little bones off to bed now. I have some opp shopping, some crafting & some fabric hunting to do tomorrow. So one must be well rested to get through such frivolties.

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CurlyPops said...

I hope you're ok Kitty.... tomorrow's op-shopping adventures will definitely help. Mine helped today!