Wednesday, 11 February 2009

crafting for a cause...

Like everyone else, I'm still coming to terms with the bushfire tragedy.
We're slowly learning about friends who have lost their homes & some their families.
I simply cannot fathom the pain so many people are experiencing.
So far my Red Cross donation is standing at $203 with help from my mum & I still have fridays shift to go, with several others pledging as well. I've suprised myself this week, as I'm not usually the one to start anything & now I find myself rallying people to donate & support.
This Saturday I'll be at this sewing bee, if anyone has the time on Saturday & can get to Brunswick, please come. Instead of the CWA being the Country Womens Association, we can be the City Womens Association. Email Nicole for details.
I'm also looking forward to making for the handmade help softie rally to give special kids a handmade cuddle.

And, I've just purchased this gorgeous little lambie from the Lark, knowing that the proceeds will go the the appeal. I just couldn't resist him & I know my little nephew Luka, will adore him for years to come.
I wish there was still more that I could do & when the towns have been rebuilt, I promise to go there as Samuel & I have done in the past & support these communities by eating at the cafes & buying their wares.
It really is very wonderful to know that so many are doing their bit & as much nastiness there is out there, there is just so much good. I'm so proud to be a part of the melbourne crafty community.

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Lark said...

Hi Kitty, thanks so much for buying Lambie and helping the appeal! I'm enjoying reading through your blog.

Allison x

62cherry said...

here here! xx

Tinniegirl said...

I'll be at the sewing bee tomorrow. I might see you there.

Nikki said...

Thanks SO MUCH for coming and making your beautiful fabrics into gorgeous bags. I think we're all greatly affected by this tragedy.

Lovely to meet YOU, too!