Sunday, 15 February 2009


What a week for everybody! Saturday I participated in Nikki's sewing bee for rainbow comfort packs. Such an inspiring day. We sewed up 80 bags to be filled with toys & books for children affected by the bushfires. It was so good to see everyone working away, cutting, embellishing & sewing up a storm.
I started the morning cutting out fabric & told myself that I could finish 8 totes. So in 7 hours, with snacks, tea & plenty of chatting in between... 8 bags were completed. Here they are below, I really do hope they will be warmly received.
On sunday, the boy & I attended a wedding in Kangaroo Ground in the Yarra Valley.
The drive out was heart wrenching. We didn't pass through any fire affected areas, but the smoke haze was thick & the reality that fires weren't too far away just struck a chord & I did get a bit teary. The wedding was a beautiful union between a serbian groom & a scottish bride, so lots of crazy dancing & music. Just a warning, serbian plum brandy is very strong. They will tell you it won't give you a hangover... but I wouldn't believe them.
In just 6 weeks that will be Samuel & I, it was good to go to the wedding also to remind ourselves of little things we hadn't thought of. So there are now a few more jobs on the big list. We're both so excited, but are wondering how we'll get through our vows without becoming a blubbering mess.
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beccasauras said...

Great to meet you Saturday, well done, 8 bags is amazingThere was a great vibe that day, I think. And love your blog, I'll follow along- such cute doggies!

Nikki said...

Thanks SO VERY MUCH for your fantastic contribution!!!

CurlyPops said...

Your totes are lovely. You must have been sewing up an absolute storm to finish 8!

Christie said...

The totes look great & I'm sure they will be loved

I cry at ANYTHING but I made it through my wedding vows without a hitch, however when I saw my dad tear up I lost it!