Friday, 6 February 2009

love fridays...

To tell you the truth... when I arose this morning, I was not ready for the day.
I didn't really like today all that much, nothing bad happened I just felt out of sorts.
When I remembered this cute mirror I found at the oppy on tuesday, I cheered up.
I had hidden it under the couch, so it would be out of the way
& had forgotten about it til just now.
Also making me happy this evening is this tank. The boy is finishing my motorbike in time for my birthday & just now we pinstriped it & put the stickers on. He's just doing the final clear coats as we speak. I'm very excited about it, I can't wait to ride it into work next week & show off to all the boys. Ha Ha Ha.
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CurlyPops said...

Oh wow, what a fab birthday present! You are very lucky indeed, and you just reminded about the mirror I found a couple of weeks ago (just in time for tomorrows blog post)!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

That looks really cool and the mirror is gorgeous. I had one of those days today - wasn't sure that I was loving it. Then it all came together in the simplest of ways.

meetmeatmikes said...

You can TOTALLY combine your mirror and your getting married here:

Probably wouldn't want to. But just so you know you could...