Friday, 13 March 2009

still here...

2 weeks to go til the big day... & I'm a bit snowed under. But this is to be expected, I'm sure.
Still have lots to organise... grog, food, an outfit for the groom, crafty things to be made, etc etc etc.
My computer is being troublesome & not letting my internet work. Hence the long time no post. I've been keeping up on current events though. I really wish I had time to visit all my blog friends who have fantastic stalls at the stitches & craft show. I saw y'all on Kerri-Ann, you were superb (I can't believe I just admitted to watching Kerri-Ann! Oh well.) Good luck to all of you, I know everyone will love you all.
I'm loving this interview with Tim James on Lucy's blog.


Gabrielle said...

oh how exciting.
I only found your blog the other day and havent had a chance to have a detailed look through yet.

Where are your wedding venues?


Kirsty said...

Been thinking of you lots Kitty & sending good weddingy vibes your way.