Friday, 5 June 2009

a walk in the sun...

I took a stroll today, happy with the warmth the sun shone upon me. I purchased some magazines to distract my busy mind. I admired the prettiness, found amongst the everyday along swan st & surrounds.
I did the jobs that needed doing; washing, tidying & grocery shopping. I enjoyed a slouch on my couch, with the heater on. I read about keeping chickens, the breeds, their needs & all things related.
I cooked an awesome dinner, followed by a tantalising desert. My man & I sat & drank wine & sweet sherry, watching Gran Torino, then listening to Neil Young & Nick Cave records. I think about their music; it's poetry, complex yet so simple. I think about many things. Life is good, I am happy. Of course there is always more that I want from myself & other aspects in life. But they will come & for now I am very content.
I think now that I may be rambling, but it is very honest, open rambling...
so I'm sure it is ok.

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