Wednesday, 30 September 2009

right now...

Life's a bit topsy turvy here at the moment, but here's a little snippet of what I'm up to right now.
Watching :: The wind blow through the gum trees.

Reading :: Country Style magazine.

Making :: A birthday card for a little girl & a photo album for some soon to be newlyweds.

Eating :: Mexican for dinner... Yum!

Feeling :: Sore... I have a dog bite on my right hand. Dog didn't mean it, I just happened to be in the middle when the fight broke out.

Thinking :: Of all the things I would like to make.

Hoping :: My hand heals soon, because I'm a crap left hander.

Wondering :: Who will be our next house guest?

Hearing :: Romanian gypsy music on abc classic fm.

Liking :: Being in the country, I'm so much more relaxed.

Wanting :: To find more vintage sheets for a quilt I'm working on.

Playing :: With patterns in photoshop, see images.

Wishing :: That summer would come sooner.

Enjoying :: Pink lady apples, oranges & kiwi fruit.

Coveting :: Bendigo wool, I'm dreaming up a colour scheme for my next granny blanket.
Inspired by Pip.

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Kate said...

I'm so pleased you left me a comment. I've been trying to click on your profile pic to find your blog but it wouldn't take me here. I love your list. Hope the sun is shinning where you are.