Sunday, 27 September 2009


Just waiting for some waist measurements, so I can finish these cuties off. I think I'll applique some onesies with the fat quarter remnants. I'm very proud of myself for this little sewing achievement... it's my first adventure into clothing. You should see the seams! My gosh they are so neat & properly finished. I think this is the first project that I haven't impatiently rushed through. I never thought that could happen... ha!
It's so very windy down here in south gippsland. Even too windy for the turbines to turn. The chickens aren't liking the weather either, they keep huddling together in the carport under the car. Poor things.
It's been raining lots too this week, so the garden is looking very green. Although, I haven't been outside much... I just admire it through the windows. My vegie seeds are slowly becoming seedlings. They're just leggy things at the moment, but I'm wishing them a big plump future.
Back to some crafting now, to keep my mind off the turbulent weather.

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willywagtail said...

These are cute and little girls always love swirly skirts. Congratualtions on the great seams too. Cherrie