Friday, 30 October 2009


Hello there! Yep, I'm still here... just really busy.
We've been packing down the husband's old workshop & boy is it time consuming. So much stuff!
I haven't had any time to do anything else. So there is no crafty goodness to show, no delicious baked treats & nothing happening in the garden either. Luckily, the end is near & normal programming shall resume shortly.
I should also say that it hasn't been all hard work. Last weekend we went to a 30th, a 60th, lunch with a friend & a wedding! I've never been so social in my life.
Part of shutting down the workshop is selling our beloved truck. If you know anyone who would be interested in our 1948 M series bedford... it's listed here. Here it is ripping around our top paddock.


62cherry said...

ahhh we'd buy it - if we had spare cash...
kitty i've started blogging at 62cherry again xx

Kate said...

Yes! Emily is my sister!
I just spoke to her and she said she met you and you are lovely. I told her I knew that already. She laughed because she thinks the blog world is hilarious.
Such a small world.
I love this heat. I am terrified of bush fires and snakes but I really love hot weather.
I hope you miss pregnant girl are ok with the heat. I've never done a summer pregnancy.
Have a great weekend.
Love Kate